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    Common Solutions and Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can I follow the Election results for Calhoun County online?
    Yes! Election results will be posted live as they come into the Clerk's office on Election Night, shortly after the polls close. The Clerk's office uses the state-of-art collection and reporting tool Election Magic. This office has used Election Magic since 1996, and has worked closely with the developers of the software to provide the best presentation of election information to the citizens of Calhoun County. Archives of past elections are available from the Elections section.

    Additional information is available at:

  2. How do I search for Land Records?

     You can use the Online Land Records Index Search.

    Online Land Records Index Search 

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  3. How do I register to vote in Michigan?

    Click here to follow step-by-step instructions to register to vote in Michigan.

    Additional information is available at:

  4. Am I registered to vote in Michigan?

     Don't know if you are registered to vote or not? The State of Michigan has a nice online tool to let you find out. 

    Click this => Am I Registered to Vote?

  5. Is a Candidate Petition available for the upcoming Election?

    Yes, Candidate Packets are available at your City Clerk's office. A packet includes petitions, signature requirements, an Affidavit of Identity, Statement of Organization, Campaign Finance manual, forms and instructions, and other election-related items. Feel free to pick up a Candidate Packet from your local City Clerk! 

  6. How do I file a PPO?

    A PPO is filed through the 37th Circuit Court Clerk's office at 269-969-6921. Be sure to review the information on PPOs found under the Circuit Court Clerk tab.

  7. Where can I get a concealed pistol license (CPL)?

    Information about applying for a concealed pistol license can be found in the Certificates & Documents section.

    Additional information is available at:

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