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External Resources

   * Center for Geographic Information
A variety of map types showing boundaries and names of geographic areas within the State, such as newly reapportioned Senate and Congressional districts.
   * Citizens Research Council of Michigan
   * Federal Election Commission
   * Highway Right-of-Way
This link will direct you to the State Highway Department (MDOT). You will be able to view each section of State Highway in Calhoun County. It also lists liber (Latin for book) and pages of the easement.
   * Local Clerks Online
Local clerk information has just been added to the site
   * Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks
   * Michigan Democratic Party
   * Michigan Electronic Voter Guide,1607,7-127--51051--,00.html
   * Michigan House of Representatives
   * Michigan Legislature
   * Michigan Municipal League
   * Michigan Republicans
   * Michigan Senate
   * Michigan Township Association
The MTA is the exclusive legislative and public advocate for Michigan's 1,242 townships and is the foremost source of quality education and information for Michigan's elected and appointed township officials.
   * Michigan's Records Management Services
Michigan's Records Management Services provides expertise and assistance to state and local government agencies with managing records and information in the most effective, cost efficient, and legally compliant manner.,1607,7-160-17445_19273_21738---,00.html
   * Michigan's new Voter Information Center (MVIC)
By simply entering your name or drivers license number you can: find out if you are a registered voter or how to become one; find out who your local clerk is and how to contact him/her; find out if you qualify to vote absentee and how to receive an absentee ballot; inquire about working the polls on election day, view the election equipment your precinct uses; and print a map to your polling location.
   * Official State Transportation Map
The new 2005 Official State Transportation Map is now available in locations throughout Michigan. Produced by MDOT and widely distributed free of charge through Travel Michigan Welcome Centers and MDOT office, the new edition includes several updates.,1607,7-151-9622_11033_11151---,00.html
   * Secretary of State
This is a link to the Election site operated by the Secretary of State of Michigan, and includes a wealth of information.,4670,7-127-1633---,00.html
   * The White House

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