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Persons who own, conduct or transact business in Calhoun County are required, by statute, to file their business names in this county, on forms provided by the County Clerk's office. A Certificate of Assumed Name or a Certificate of Copartnership must be filed in every county where business is conducted.
The following entities do not file at the county level:
  • corporations
  • limited partnerships
  • limited liability companies
  • assumed names owned by corporations
  • nonprofit organizations owned by corporations.
Prior to filing your Certificate of Assumed Name or Certificate of Copartnership, we suggest that you seek the advise of an attorney. You can also check the ONLINE DBA SEARCH to verify there is no existing business using the name you have chosen.We recommend that stationary, business cards, etc. are not printed until your Cerificate has been filed in our office. At the time of filing, or office will verify if the business name chosen is available. Once accepted, cerified copies of that business name will be issued.

The Certificate of Assumed Name and Certificate of Copartnership are not complicated, yet they are legal documents. Information given on them should be as complete and accurate as possible. Each certificate is valid for five years from the date of filing.

Notarization of the certificate is also necessary. This office will provide notarization if the owner has a current valid driver's licnse or state-issued ID. If more than one person owns the business, all need to be present for notarization.

It is the responsibility of persons owning a business to notify this office and file the required forms if:

  1. The principal address of the business changes
  2. Persons are added or deleted from the business name certificate.
  3. The business is dissolved.

Please note: The only function of this office is to register business names at the county level. There may be other local, state or federal agencies that handle requirements and regulations which affect your business name.


$10.00 for filing or renewing the Certificate of Assumed Name
Two (2) certified copies will be provided.

$10.00 for filing or renewing the Certificate of Copartnership
Three (3) certified copies will be provided.

Make check or Money Order payable to Calhoun County Clerk.
Visa or MasterCard is also accepted.

Mailing Address

Anne B. Norlander
Calhoun County
Clerk and Register of Deeds
315 W. Green St.
Marshall, MI 49068

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