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Birth Records

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IMPORTANT:  Requests must be for persons BORN in Calhoun County ONLY.

Birth records that are 100 years old or older are open to the public. Any Requester may obtain a copy of a specific birth record that is 100 years old or older by filling out the Application for a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate and mailing it to the Calhoun County Clerk with the appropriate fee.

Birth records less than 100 years old are closed to the public. You can only obtain a birth certificate for yourself, your child, or if you are a descendant or heir of the deceased. Please fill out the Application for a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate, and include a copy of your drivers license or two other pieces of identification (if you have questions about which types of documents are acceptable, contact the Clerk's office at 269-781-0730).


$10.00 for the first certified copy. $5.00 for each additional copy of that record made at the same time.
Make check or Money Order payable to Calhoun County Clerk .
Visa or MasterCard is also accepted.

Mailing Address

Anne B. Norlander
Calhoun County
Clerk and Register of Deeds
315 W. Green St.
Marshall, MI 49068

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